What is electricity board to anemometer measurement, how to use

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-29

what is electricity board to anemometer measurement, electricity board to the anemometer is a device with electric measurement of the wind speed of the recording instrument. Is composed of sensors, indicator and recorder three parts. Sensor installed on the outdoor pole, indicator and recorder indoors.

the EL type electric board to anemometer, wind speed anemometer, intelligent anemometer is used to record the stroke of the wind, at the same time every half and a half recording an instantaneous wind direction, can calculate any ten minutes from the records of the average wind speed and corresponding direction. Indicator used to observation the instantaneous wind speed and instantaneous wind direction.

wind speed measurement part adopts microcomputer technology, can measure the instantaneous wind speed, the instantaneous wind scale average wind speed at the same time, high average wind scale and corresponding wave parameters. It with data latch function, easy reading. Wind part adopts the measurement refers to the device, without artificial to the north, simplify the measuring operation. The instrument is small in size, light weight, complete functions, can be widely used in agriculture and forestry, environmental protection, Marine, scientific research and other fields to measure atmospheric wind parameters.

the working principle of profile:

1, the wind parts: by the vane and the direction of the wind scale ( Magnetic compass) And so on, the wind by wind pointer value for the location of the wind on the dial.

2 part, wind speed, using the traditional three-ring rotating frame structure, the instrument inside the single chip microcomputer sampling, for the wind speed sensor's output frequency is calculated, the instrument output instantaneous wind speed, average wind speed, the instantaneous wind scale, one minute one minute average wind scale, average wind speed and wave height. Measured parameters on the liquid crystal display with digital display directly.

the EL type electric board to anemometer and a wind anemometer, scoring into intelligent wind speed sensor, indicator, recorder three components, the instrument can form can be observed records. Wind speed sensor is wind cup, transmitter is tachogenerator, wind speed by dc electric meter indication, wind speed and wind scale control. Wind direction sensor is an indicator, transmitter is the bearing block of contactor, bulbs instructions with up to eight directions, recorder consists of clock drum with the stylus. Meteorological stations in and relevant departments of the observation and record the wind speed of work has made an irreplaceable role.

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