What is industrial on-line infrared thermometer?

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-11
What is industrial on-line infrared thermometer? Release date: 2020 03 - 31 22:05

industrial on-line infrared thermometer and temperature are the cervix, industrial online infrared thermometer points is more extensive, industrial thermometer using emission rate is 0. 1 - 1, it can cope with a variety of materials measurement, temperature ranging from tens of degrees below zero emission to the precision error is large.

industrial infrared thermometer can't be used to measure body temperature, it is generally applicable to solid heat source, machine screw, such as temperature, heating temperature, the human body, is by a laser beam reflected temperature sensor. , of course, some people say can't be used to measure temperature, how to also can be applied to human body? Because it can be used as a large screen by the pest population ( Patients) , found that high risk suspected personnel, discovered by other way to see a doctor, medical is not recommended. But for life scientists, industrial thermometer is one of the necessary tools, a lot of product evaluation cannot leave it, such as mobile phone, computer, heat lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, etc.

industrial technology in the process of production of infrared thermometer, continuously improve performance, functions, varieties, scope of application is expanding, the market share increased year by year. Than the contact temperature measurement method, infrared measuring temperature with fast response time, non-contact, use safety and long service life, etc.

these special times is known to all, today we added a case of henan, each network media is telling us how to scientific prevention, now more and more people to return to work the way, all enterprises and institutions have to consider the health and safety issues. So large crowds like this can be used for industrial infrared temperature screening can provide favorable scientific measures to resume work environment and epidemic prevention.

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