What is the difference between the infrared thermal imaging and temperature measuring gun?

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-01
What is the difference between the infrared thermal imaging and temperature measuring gun? Release date: 2020 03 - 22 15:57 first of all, the two are used for measuring temperature, low temperature measuring gun belongs to match, can only display temperature; Infrared thermal imager and belongs to the high-end version, can not only show the temperature, but also can according to the thermal radiation distribution, present different hot like figure, more intuitive, the effect is better! Infrared thermal imager is well-known brands are: mingda BQX - CW03 infrared thermal imager, the Infratec RNO, Germany, etc. Working principle:

the infrared thermal imager is a kind of photoelectric detection equipment, to detect the infrared radiation of objects, and the infrared radiation energy distribution graphics object to be tested into thermal images, can real-time display the surface temperature of the object, clear and intuitive, easy to analysis judgment.

infrared thermometer are made on the principle of infrared radiation temperature detection, its on the LCD screen can be real-time display temperature, the temperature is based on optical system center dot the average temperature of the circular area, the diameter of the circle and the size of the optical resolution ( The D: S) And the distance. Infrared thermometer can be divided into single color and double color, they only used infrared wavelengths of the difference, the difference between is not the meaning of the color difference, no brightness and color saturation or color difference.

the infrared thermal imager and adopted by the infrared thermometer band are as follows:

composition and performance:

the infrared thermal imager consists of two basic parts: optical devices and sensors. Optical device of the infrared radiation emitted by objects gathered in the detector, the detector converts incoming infrared radiation into electrical signals, and then treated to infrared heat maps. In industrial equipment testing, fever is often the early signs of equipment damage or function failure, is also a key performance parameters for predictive maintenance.

infrared thermometer restricted by the optical system, its optical resolution is small, be in namely the same distance when the diameter of the sample point than the infrared thermal imager pixel sampling of much larger diameter, this will cause smaller temperature anomaly point targets, pose a safety hazard. And the pixel sampling of infrared thermal imager is usually less than 1 mm in diameter, can detect small target temperature, avoid the happening of the testers.

temperature detecting features:

the infrared thermal imager can detect target temperature distribution of the whole, generally for a few seconds can determine the temperature of the target state, the test efficiency is very high.

infrared thermometer to the target temperature distribution of the whole detection, can only display a certain range of the average temperature, usually need to manually scan to find abnormal temperature point, low detection efficiency.

the infrared thermal imager and the infrared thermometer has different features, working principle, performance, price and the applicable scenario is not the same, according to the demand to choose the appropriate. Standard optimal letter professional staff can provide professional consulting services, recommend the most suitable product for the customer.

most give priority to with a hand-held infrared thermometer, there is also a part of the on-line, the infrared thermal imager most resolution is higher, so the price is more expensive.

the following letter depends for optimal infrared thermal imager has imaging and temperature measuring function.

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