What kind of anemometer are there?

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-11

this company produces the pitot wind speed wind pressure air flow meter, can be an instrument, digital display

wind speed ( Velocity) Test with an average wind speed and turbulence components ( Wind turbulence of 1 ~ 150 KHZ, and the changes of different) The test. Thermal anemometer is to test the average wind speed. Method to test the average wind speed has a thermal type, skin drag pipe, the impeller type, and ultrasound type, etc. , but in these ways, anemometer is to use the principle of heat dissipation. Below, the wind speed measurement method with my instructions. Skin drag tubular

・ in the flow front has form a right Angle with the direction of the holes, concealed extracted respectively from the respective hole pressure tubes. Through testing the pressure difference ( The former, the latter for static pressure) for the whole , then know that the wind speed.

・ principle is simple, cheap, but with surface flow must be set at right angles, otherwise can't properly test. Anemometer ・ at the way is to test the sensor cooling when the resistance change due to the wind, the wind speed test. Can't draw the wind information.

・ in addition to the easy and convenient to carry, high cost performance ratio, standard products are widely used as an anemometer. Impeller type

・ this way is applied the principle of the windmill, by testing the revolutions of the impeller, the wind speed test.

・ for meteorological observation, etc.

・ principle is simple, cheap, but the test precision is low, so is not suitable for the wind speed test and test of small wind speed change.

・普及度低。 Ultrasound type

・ the way is to test transmitting distance, ultrasound time, because of the influence of the wind and make the arrival time delay, the wind speed test.

・ 3 to the power, can know the direction of the wind.

・ sensors is bigger, around the test department, possible turbulence, the flow is irregular. Usage is limited.


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