What's HoldPeak working time?
Zhuhai JiDa Huapu Instrument Co.,Ltd staff begin their work from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekday, and most of them typically work overtime for clients. Throughout the working time, each team utilizes highly effective time to work on serving customers with their professional skills. Our staff typically work overtime to attempt to solve the problems customers pose and do their very best to satisfy the needs of customers at home and overseas.

JiDa Huapu Instrument Company is an industry leader who have been concentrated on infrared temperature gun for decades. JiDa Huapu Instrument Company is mainly engaged in the business of digital measuring instruments and other product series. JiDa Huapu Instrument Company thermal imaging device presents an attractive design. With its plastic housing, the product is easy to clean. insulation resistance testers is analog insulation tester as compared with other similar products. The product is easy to operate with a high-resolution LCD display.

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