What's the use of small stations

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-22

small stations have what advantage?

along with the advance of science and technology, the most stable domestic small increases, the accuracy of the weather station and function monitoring has great comparability of data. It can be normal operation in a variety of natural environment, rely on accurate system configuration to collect various data, large storage capacity allows it to continuous meteorological data storage for a long time, is advantageous for the statistics and analysis of weather effects on all kinds of industries. Let us to learn more about the advantages of small stations:

first, intelligent high

small internal installed the high speed and high precision automatic weather stations, and embedded into the low power consumption in intelligent collector, so that it can be automatically stored in the process of monitoring data. In addition, because the two collector used to make it has more than measurement channels, high detection precision, more than a screen display characteristics such as road data, a high degree of intelligence to make it to be able to independently set storage time and personalized software use.

second, shockproof and lightning protection performance good

weather in stable performance to apply the standard design of the industrial control in small portable shockproof structure on weather stations, on the set with a touch screen operation, simplifies the tedious process. In response to the outside of the bad weather, small domestic professional weather station on the hardware and software adopts the module combined open design, flexible combination. At the same time it's different in meteorological sensors on the choice of configuration parameters, to enhance the external environment in lightning protection against sex.

third, saving electricity transmission performance variety

in order to reduce accidents happen because of electricity shortage, small stations use of solar energy in the power supply, power saving at the same time the performance of transport also offers a variety of choice. Available position, radio, cable and other transmission way, enhanced the reliability of the transmission mode.

more than even the advantages of small stations, professional data analysis, unattended, etc can meet professional meteorological observation, and make it extended to more wide use range. In order to provide more professional business, it is based on the principle of constantly improve, gradually formed the data quality standard, production techniques, comprehensive monitoring machine.

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