When measured with anemometer why deviation

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-19

wind anemometer measurement error will appear with the

there are doing in our calibration customers feedback to us said: why is my wind anemometer measurement error will appear? Zhongke small make up to you today, spread about the direction of the wind anemometer in most of the error reason lies in the following aspects:

wind anemometer

a, installation error

due to the wind anemometer belongs to the field instrumentation, environmental conditions when using compared with laboratory far away. By instrument working principle, calibration, the axis of rotation and the direction of the wind anemometer wind speed sensor of shafts need hose connection, and the sensor axis of rotation of the strictly concentric with the axis of rotation of the instrument, if installed, up and down or so eccentric, even the axis of rotation moment all cannot be passed to the axis of rotation of the wind speed sensor, easy to form the rotation is not flexible, thus bring error to the measured results. Therefore, to adjust their concentricity repeatedly when installation, to start again after the calibration work.

2, wind speed error caused by unstable

caused by circuit principle, if the wind anemometer display shows data is not stable, record data, can bring error to measurement results. To overcome the error influence, must, after the wind speed value set for validator display shows data stability after the record, the stable time of not less than 2 min.

three errors, calibration parameters

with wind speed sensors have different wind speed equation, thus also have different calibration parameters, using a standard calibration, different models of wind speed sensor should be carried out in different wind speed sensor parameters are fixed. Should be paid attention to when making the calibration with a wind anemometer dial the encoder input relevant calibration parameters, and check the calibration parameters corresponding to the validator display value is correct, if the displayed value is correct, just can carry out the calibration work, otherwise it will produce error of measurement.

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