When pitot tube of choose and buy of considerations

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-02

according to my own sales experience and understanding of the pitot tube, it is concluded that the following points should be considered when pitot tube of choose and buy:

1, installation point

a, if the measure is the wind velocity in the piping, it must consider the shape of a pipe, general pipeline is round, choose effective length of pitot tube at least than pipeline outer radius, installation points can be arbitrary; If square pipe, can choose as the distance to the center zui small installation points, can save the pitot tube materials

b, if the outlet, the pitot tube can be arbitrary length, without fixed installation, if you can have it in hand test

2, measuring point measured in any places, measurement point must choose wind speed center

3, pitot selection: generally choose is L, if the medium containing slag quality, chose to collect the S type pitot tube back-to-back

4, pitot tube diameter choice: general and 8 mm diameter is 6 mm, wind speed of god we can choose a little a bit bigger 10 mm, pitot tube length is too long, can choose to add a protective casing outside, prevent bending, affect the measurement result

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