When was HoldPeak established?
Zhuhai JiDa Huapu Instrument Co.,Ltd has been set for several years and has accumulated rich knowhow on the manufacture and sales of ir thermal camera . In reality, we've gone through many issues since the beginning. We've spent years creating our own brand and building our own sales channels. All this leads to the present growing business. We're now well known by customers globally. We'll keep on expanding the export enterprise.

JiDa Huapu Instrument Company has been a leader in the industry in the fierce competition. JiDa Huapu Instrument Company is mainly engaged in the business of wind speed meter and other product series. The technology JiDa Huapu Instrument Company non contact ac voltage detector adopts is at the forefront of industry. The product can switch between multiple modes to measure different values. infrared thermal imaging camera has many virtues such as thermal imaging device and so on. It is easy to use - no expert knowledge required.

People-oriented is a corporate culture for our company to advocate. Inquire now!
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