Will HoldPeak become an OBM in future?
Zhuhai JiDa Huapu Instrument Co.,Ltd is committed to becoming one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of OBM of quality auto electrical tester multimeter . We source the highest quality products for the market. Every stage from design, production, and renovation to final scheduling is performed by a highly trained team of professionals with decades of experience. Produced in accordance with standardized production practices and methods, our products perform well in all aspects.

JiDa Huapu Instrument Company seems to be one of the leaders in the digital measuring instruments field. The wood moisture meter series is one of the main products of JiDa Huapu Instrument Company. JiDa Huapu Instrument Company portable tachometer presents an attractive design. It is pocket-sized and can be carried anywhere. In a flock of automotive engine analyzer, car diagnostic scanner has many excellent properties such as . The product is shockproof due to its sturdy housing.

Our desire is to be the leading influential digital clamp meter supplier in the market. Contact us!
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