Wind speed measuring instrument analysis of the causes of malfunction

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-28

anemometer failure reason

according to the wind field cases anemometer in the introduction, talk a wind equipment malfunction of some reasons, for reference only.

( 1) Chicken equipment in damp environment for a long time operation, shorten service life.

( 2) Cold wind equipment failure under low temperature, bad environment work.

( 3) Line binding is not strong, strong wind weather lines.

( 4) Thunderstorm weather is easy to lead to an indicator, damage of anemometer.

( 5) Anemometer protection level is not high, can lead to into the dust, and even make the wind speed sensor lock.

technical design principles: for the wind farm wind turbine, the special requirements of the sonde Germany kriwan industrial electronics co. , LTD. The research and development INT series wind sensor used for safe operation of the wind turbine. INT series sonde with sea water corrosion proof, since the heating function, good seismic performance, high frequency electromagnetic interference ( 其中3、E 50140 ENV = 100V / m,30个。 。 。 1000 mhz) , the polarity reverse ( Connection) , rotating blade deformation in the high wind speed, wind direction pointer has the ability to strong shock and vibration, no scanning interval ( Real & 360 deg; Scan) Wait for a characteristic.

1。 High frequency electromagnetic interference resistance: built-in high-performance processing chip for German kriwan company high-tech results of the experiment of effectively prevent the high frequency electromagnetic interference and the impact of wind turbine rawinsonde data transmission.

2。 Seawater corrosion prevention: Int sonde series adopts the whole aluminum magnesium alloy design and become, the surface treatment of anticorrosive coating, with functions of seawater corrosion prevention, for offshore wind turbine reached a strong security.

3。 Seismic performance is good: this series of earthquake-resistant design wind sensor, speed sensor cup and wind direction sensor wing has the specialty the aseismic groove design, to avoid the vibration of the wind turbine affect rawinsonde data transmission.

4。 Rotor blades deformation: the high wind speed Int sonde for series adopts the whole aluminum magnesium alloy design, application of special material, the deformation in the high speed rotating blades. Will not be damaged because of high winds.

5。 Since the heating function: Germany kriwan industrial electronic co. , LTD. , independent research and development PTC100 thermistor for Int sonde series, PTC100 thermistor sensor of temperature change with the temperature, the heating, decreases as the temperature increases. Power can be up to 18 w - work 20W。 Sonde for full aluminium magnesium alloy design, perfect uniform heating, heating of effectively remove affected by ice and snow sonde icy phenomenon.

6。 IP64 level of protection: to prevent white, waterproof powerful security protection grade.

7。 The polarity by reverse: professional interface design of sensor and the air plug to prevent polarity meet the special design.

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