Wind speed meter mechanical, mechanical electronic and electronic table 3

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-25

print measurement data and the wind speed/air flow diagram, the output of excel spreadsheet data file, if you want to know more detailed information please see the help folder.

wind speed instrument mechanical, mechanical and electronic and electronic wind table three categories. Including mechanical anemometer is used most widely in the coal mine wind instrument, belong to safety, environmental monitoring measurement instrument, measurement is mandatory verification of measuring instruments according to verification period. Each mechanical anemometer verification (read n N generally take 6 ~ 7) Set pressure value and the wind said Pi Vzi, calculated by the dynamic pressure Pi press type, the actual wind speed value Vsi

yunnan driven wind farm is located in yunnan hill road north county, 2300 - meter - high mountain wind turbines 33 all use chengdu science and technology co. , LTD. , research and development production of fukang FD82BG master control system, using SCADA2 wind farm management. 0 version of the system.

in view of the owners need to be more accurate real-time operation and visually check the fan record analysis, mound, for owner made a fan real-time record of the power of science and technology and the corresponding wind speed curve figure, query time accurate to data per minute.

new industrialization of graphic interface, display the function of the real-time power of the fan wind speed curve, more convenient for the owner to understand real-time data of fan for statistical breakdown time, downtime, etc, can be intuitive understanding and view, facilitate the owner to view and analysis of the fan power in real time.

the owner on the mound pleased with this new capability of independent development of science and technology, for science and technology of SCADA2 mound. 0 version more development laid a solid foundation.

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similar problem

the following is that if the device is out of order, may be out of order:

1) A blank screen: check whether the battery is installed correctly. Open the battery cover on a machine, is the cathode should correspond to the inside of the battery is negative.

2) If the device is connected to the computer properly, please check whether the USB connection is in good condition, if cable can not work normally, please replace the new one.

3) If the device cannot be read correctly wind quantity, please check whether the blade is blocked or defective.

4) If the device cannot be read correctly blast temperature values, please check whether the thermal resistance is broken or damaged.

5) If the device can not read the data, please check whether it is working in the provisions under the condition of temperature and humidity.

note: when not connected to the computer, don't do any operation after open 10 minutes, device will automatically shut down.

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