Wind speed sensor of a measuring instrument is what principle

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-27

anemometer sensor structure and principle of

anemometer in hydrological station, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, transportation, mine, power plant, island and other industries to provide the original record wind speed and direction data.

anemometer sensor USES is the traditional two cup spinning frame structure. It will wind speed into the speed of the rotating frame. In order to reduce the start-up wind speed, the use of special material light wind cup and jewel bearing support. Through fixed on the rack device after sensors to measure the signals to the host.

anemometer in the single chip microcomputer to the wind sensor output signal sampling, correction, calculation, finally by the instantaneous wind speed instrument output/minute average wind speed/instantaneous wind scale/minute average wind scale/average wind scale corresponding to the waves of five parameters. Measured parameters in the instrument used on LCD digital display directly.

in order to reduce the power consumption of instrument, instrument of the sensor and MCU are adopted a series of special measures in reducing power consumption. In order to ensure reliable data, when the supply voltage is too low, lower battery tag display power shortage, prompt the user power supply voltage is too low, data is not reliable, need to replace the battery in time.

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