With the with the 'infrared thermometer' is wrong? How to solve

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-28
With the with the 'infrared thermometer' is wrong? How to solve the release date: 2020 04 - 02 21:52

life, everyone is different, some people a calm calm demeanor, some temper at a loss, in the process of using infrared thermometer, temperature no more or less may happen, some people make the make the temper up pa, threw things, actually it can repair the problem because processes is not good, thus becomes a pyrrhic victory, let me to teach you a recruit:

first of all, using the traditional mercury thermometer to measure their armpits, assumptions have 37. Temperature of 5 ℃.

and then, using non-contact infrared forehead thermometers for his armpit measure where no body hair, keep the distance between the forehead thermometers and skin about 1 cm ( Be careful to remove any obstacles may affect the measurement, such as hair, sweat, etc. ) If reading is 37. 3 ℃, and the mercury thermometer 37. 5 ℃ difference at 0. Within the error range 2 ℃, indicating the forehead thermometers are properly set can be used.

then, we get the huge difference between readings, such as 36. 4 ℃ difference 1. 1℃. You need to calibration the non-contact infrared thermometer, plus the difference value of 1. 1℃。

in the end, press and hold the MODE button for 3 seconds, the screen F1, and then press the up button to enter F2, press MODE directly into 0 again. 0, and then press the up button and differential value of 1. 1 ℃, and then press MODE to complete.

now the development of science and technology, the era of intelligence, has brought a lot of convenience to our life condition, have not understand place must be timely access to information.

the correction methods of infrared temperature thermometer you master?

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