YYX - 130 a tilt micromanometer ( The original TH - 130).

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-16
A, use YYX - Type 130 a tilt decay pressure gauge is used to measure the positive and negative micro pressure and differential pressure of all kinds of gas. Its characteristic is: stable and reliable work, high accuracy and resolution of up to 1 pa zui, range can be fully adjust, no power, no complicated vulnerable components, failure rate is low, the installation simple and convenient use, low price, is a kind of classic micro pressure measuring instrument. Widely used in the coke oven, all kinds of industrial furnace, heating and ventilation, environmental testing and other fields. Second, the working principle and the structure, working principle, Figure 1) ( Figure 1) The instrument according to the principle of fluid statics, the use of liquid column height difference to measure the pressure of the gas. Its structure is a large box of positive pressure containers and a slender glass inclined tube connected to negative pressure container. Sheng liquid inside the box, and the positive pressure is same. One end of the inclined tube negative pressure, under the action of external force, the liquid flow inclined tube inside the box, because of the liquid level inside the box area is a lot bigger than inclined tube cross-sectional area. And liquid level as long as there is a tiny drop inside the box, the inclined tube fluid column to rise a lot, always use the inclined tube amplifier principle, can accurately measure the tiny pressure of the gas. The instrument has pressure unit conversion into Pa, so xie pipe scale reading of Pa. The instrument is inclined tube Angle can be fully adjust, so the multirange measurement can be performed. Instrument structure as shown in figure 2, figure 3. Positive diagram ( Figure 2) On the back of the figure, FIG. 3) 1, hanging plate ( 4) only 2, sign 3, 4, the suction valve 5 positive pressure valve, level 6, connect hose 7, 8, charging valve 9 arc arc wall scale plate 10, needle plate, glass inclined tube 11 12 13, chassis, zero nut 14, tap valve, 15, 16, zero screw connection hose 17, three positive pressure container, technical specifications, measuring range 1 ~ 1250 pa2, precision grade 1 level 3, change the Angle, choose corresponding to the measuring tube, measurable range as follows.

measure range ( pa) 倾 斜 角 度 分 辨 率 100 A 1 200,100 B 2 500,250 C 5 1000,500 D 10 1250 E 12. 5

4, working liquid: alcohol at 20 ℃, & gamma; = 0. 81 g/cm 35, instrument appearance, 480 main dimensions; 390; 120 ( Long; Wide; Thick MM6, 3 meter weight. 2 kg 7, instrument accessories (1) for a (2) the factory a certificate of approval (3) plus working liquid, pointed tip bottles a hose (4) blow bubbles a root (5) valve sealing plastic covers three four, 1 of the installation and the use of the instrument, the instrument for the vertical hanging installation. The height of installation to facilitate observation instrument readings, and fixed in the horizontal position. The distance from the measurement point to the instrument, the length of the connecting pipe should not be more than 3 m. Instrument instinct installed in places that have requirements of vibration and turbulence, if must be installed, must furnish damping device. The instrument interface of all valve diameter is 8 mm, must be chosen to match the connection of the hose. 2, alcohol, open the injection valve, with pointed tip injection. Number of about 100 - About 150 ml. Note after closed valves, plastic window on the cover, in order to avoid dust. 3, 0 and remove air tube. Unexpectedly inclined tube to zui high pressure point, adjust alcohol to the zero point, blown into the air to the positive pressure valve, make the fluid column to rise to high zui, let the bubble overflow, so repeatedly, until no bubbles, 0 point at this moment, is the true zero point. 4, pressure. The inclined tube fixed on the appropriate range. Such as positive pressure measurement, to connect the hose to the positive pressure valve port, the other end connected to be measuring point, negative pressure valve through the atmosphere, the liquid column number is the number of positive pressure. Such as negative pressure measurement will suction valve to be measuring point, positive pressure valve through the atmosphere. If two differential pressure measurement, the positive pressure and negative pressure valves with hoses are connected to the measuring point of high and low voltage side respectively. Referring to the calibration is the pressure difference. 5, and reading. The factory equipped with eight kinds of calibration measurement tube, the user can select a according to need. 0 - 100200500100, 0125, 0100250500 ( Pa) 。 Measure of the number, can be read directly, very convenient. If users need to set other range, can be on the basis of the tube, multiplied by the coefficient of correction. The instrument factory, have been set, with red paint shows the range. When used, the pointer specified red dot on the required range. 6, matters needing attention when using (1) to the positive pressure vessel in alcohol injection, quantity to be appropriate. Will affect the adjustment too much and too little. Such as positive pressure box in zui, low alcohol rose less than zero, that is too little, should add alcohol. On the other hand, too much alcohol. (2) all joints as instruments, including rubber hose, valve must be tight, can't leak. Regularly check hose for relaxation, the phenomenon such as bending, aging, and handled in time, keep the instrument air tightness. Otherwise, will seriously influence the precision of the instrument, and even make the instrument will not work. (3) injection micromanometer alcohol should be marked with instruments of alcohol density ( γ = 0. 08) Conform to, if not the same, shall be carried out according to the type conversion. (4) instrument when not in use, are negative pressure valve can be closed, so as to avoid alcohol evaporate. And will all mouth exposed valve with plastic cover, cover your mouth and ministry, protected from dust.
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